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Music at The Patio

We created a Music Festival and Global Movement for local artists, so they can host and perform at their own events in patios all around the world, while connecting with their audiences, increasing exposure and geting paid for their amazing talent.

Music at The Patio




Music Events Platform and Demand Generation

How to start a Music Festival and Global Movement

People always want to discover new music and artists always want to perform, Music at The Patio brings both worlds together. This Global Music Movement started as a way to give back to local artists by providing them the tools to host their own gigs at unique venues and let them focus on what they love and sharing it with their communities. The concept starts by getting event producers out of the equation and creating new pop up venues where upcoming artists can host intimate concerts and get paid fairly without having to perform in places where their talent get unnoticed, and yes, it all began at a patio.

Shalom Mendieta performing at her very own Music at the Patio.

"We are a movement that promotes the talent of independent local artists from the intimacy of patios all around the world and we want to hear your voice and see your talent shine under our lights." - Music at The Patio

What started as an intimate gig movement very quickly evolved and now has its own annual music festival. Aniversario by Music at The Patio is a music festival that happens once a year at the end of the year to celebrate music and support independent artists from different parts of the world.

Official line up of 2020 Aniversario Music Festival.

Growth Hacking for a Music Movement

The music and entertainment industry is always growing and streaming platforms are the best way to monetize if you have a big audience, so we replicated this model through YouTube Videos as our main streaming platform for Music at The Patio, while hosting in-person events every month until the Aniversario Music Festival at the end of every year, in which people could vote for the line up as a community driven project. We were in charge of creating the brand and developing a platform to grow exposure for the artists through Graphic Design, Video Production, Content Creation, Event Marketing, Merchandising and Social Media Campaigns and to deliver full attendance events, incremental revenue and new music awareness through different channels.


🏆 215K+ YouTube Views

🍻 60K+ beers sold during the events

🫂 22K+ followers through social media channels

🖐🏻 20K+ overall attending list

📧 10K+ newsletter subscribers

🎤 150+ local artists

💰 30 paid sponsors

🎪 25 hosted events

🤘🏻 2 music festivals with 3K+ and 6K+ attendees

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