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Workshop Coworking

We developed the highest digital impact and the most versatile Coworking Space in Ecuador to provide growth, education and affordable services to startups ands SMBs in South America.

Workshop Coworking




Business Development and Demand Generation

How to start a Coworking Space Business

Through our journey, we recognized the need to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ecuador and launched a self-sustaining coworking space to grow startups, through collaborative work spaces, essential services for entrepreneurs, workshops, free networking events, business incubation and ecommerce solutions with point of sale for SMBs, so that together we can improve the country's economy. And now, it's the official home of our nearshore Ecuadorian team.

Workshop Coworking is located in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

"We opened our doors on September 1, 2017 with the purpose of helping entrepreneurs and startups grow their businesses. Our vision is to build a sustainable ecosystem of entrepreneurship and become the number one brand for entrepreneurs in Ecuador. Therefore, we are ready to work on your ideas and make your dreams come true." - Workshop Coworking

All the spaces were designed to maximize creativity and productivity, while maintaining a great vibe.

Growth Hacking for a Coworking Space

As an emerging industry, Coworking Spaces have a huge impact in South America, so we focused in helping by providing education and growing the existing communities with an approach in Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Event Marketing and delivering a Scalable Business Model in order to lead our Demand Generation Strategy through free workshops, services, content and initiatives for entrepreneurs.


🏆 100K+ entrepreneurs attending to events, downloading free resources, renting spaces and hiring services

☕ 70K+ free cups of coffee have been shared with freelancers, SMB owners and startup members

🫂 50K+ followers through social media channels

📧 20K+ blog subscribers in the past 5 years

🤗 8K+ happy customers and members

🎪 1K+ in person and virtual events

🤘🏻 100+ available services

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